Saturday, March 25, 2017
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3rd annual meeting of Vietnamese students held in RoK

On Sep. 19, the Vietnamese Embassy in the Republic of Korea (RoK) held its 3rd meeting between Vietnamese pupils and students studying in RoK. The annual meeting was held to mobilize community work and the movement of Vietnamese students in the country.

Vietnamese Ambassador to RoK, Pham Tien Van, informed of Vietnam’s social-economic development in recent times as well as the strong development between Vietnam and RoK and the overseas Vietnamese living there.

The ambassador emphasized that about 70.000 Vietnamese students are studying and living in RoK. They should make the effort to study to serve the homeland and actively participate in activities that showcase about Vietnam’s people and culture.

As a main sponsor of the activities for Vietnamese students in RoK, President of the Board of Directors of Hanshin enterprise Yong Sun Choi congratulated the students and said he wished that Vietnamese students will continue to get good results in their studies and research and then make a contribution to national construction and the development of Vietnam and Korean’s relationship. He promised to continue to sponsor to the activities of Vietnamese students in RoK.

On this occasion, Ambassador Pham Tien Van conferred campaign a medal to Mr. Yong Sun Choi for his contribution to the movement of Vietnamese students in RoK.  (CPV)

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