Wednesday, March 29, 2017
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Deputy PM meets with Yonhap President-Publisher

Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien Nhan met with the President-Publisher of Yonhap News Agency, Kim Ki-seo, of the Republic of Korea in Ha Noi on September 10.

The Deputy PM said that both Yonhap and the Viet Nam News Agency (VNA) should begin to bridge the information gap that readers from both countries demand as the two sides gear up to mark the 15th anniversary of diplomatic ties.

The Deputy PM went on to say that he was pleased that Yonhap and VNA have signed a cooperation agreement that looks to promote news exchanges and professional cooperation for the next three-year term.

The Deputy PM praised VNA and Yonhap for their contributions to the growing relationships between Viet Nam and the RoK and in aiding the Korean readers and businesspeople gain a firm understanding on Viet Nam 's economic renovation process and investment environment.

Kim Ki-seo, who is here for a working visit with the VNA from September 10-12, pledged that Yonhap would enhance cooperation with VNA so that the two news agencies will work together for their countries' relationship to expand.

Under the agreement signed on September 10, VNA will provide the Yonhap Headquarters in Seoul and the Yonhap Bureau in Ha Noi free VNA English-language news services and a number of news photos captioned in English.

In turn, Yonhap will provide the VNA with Yonhap daily English language news and Korean language news in exchange for VNA content.

The pact also included a provision that stated that all photos, visual services and original news would not be distorted and transfer rights to third parties would not be permitted without the consent of the supplier.

The two newswire services also agreed to exchange visits by journalists annually in order to enhance mutual understanding and professional cooperation.

During their stay here, the Yonhap delegation will visit known sight-seeing areas, several RoK businesses and the RoK Industrial Zone in Ho Chi Minh City.-(VNA)